Monday, September 18, 2006

homebound unearthly?

10 min PS sketchy junk. i'm trying to get better at PS. i've got some other stuff i'm working on, but it's not done yet (the challenge being one of those things).
anyways, backstory! so every once in a while I get some spam with some hilarious title, in this case, "homebound unearthly". and sometimes, something comes out of it which is a little weird. this is a zombie girl who has to go through high school. it's hard to be cool when you are the undead ;_;. and she gets into horribly cliched gag situations, like her arm comes off during a game of kickball or something. poor dear.
i'm still sick too. BLAH.

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Manu said...

You crazy person. You actually post on your blog!!! I now have one! HAH!