Thursday, November 30, 2006

last post of november! some lifedrawing and sketches

okay, first of all, WTF vancouver?? we NEVER get snow this early, if at all (if we do, it's like, 5cm at the most) and now we have a good foot of snow on the ground. it's actually really nice. except when you need to bus/drive/go anywhere. I went to a siggraph panel on stop motion... absolutely awesome, even if the speakers were a little slow. I love what they can do/have done with that medium :O
this is the end of my portfolio postings... just some lifedrawing stuff. a couple I just noticed now aren't very good... bah, it's mailed already. I can do new ones for sheridan. I think the bigger one is 30 minutes, and the rest are 1-10 minutes.
and some little character design things I was having fun with in my itty bitty sketchbook, maybe want to do a turnaround of a goblin/ogre type thing for a turnaround. I'm having problems making him ugly, though. and a lot of the sketches are the same.
working on BGS!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

1st portfolio mailed!! :)

not going to post all of my portfolio stuff from calarts. but here's some of it, and basically what it looks like. it think it was about 25 pages all together? and 15 of those were lifedrawings. dunno if I'll post any lifedrawings.
anyways, it was 8/11 photo paper spiral bound in a book, and I mailed it priority today! pretty scary.

stuff that I need to work on for my next portfolios (sheridan, capilano):
backrounds, PERSPECTIVE holy smokes. wow I sick at BGS :P
more pushed expressions/poses in character designs.
less pretty color, more drawing >:B
and HANDS!
I've got a lot of work to do. but I'm pretty psyched. this is so much fun. <3
having the open house at capilano this past weekend was really helpful, I got my portfolio reviewed by a lot of people, and talked lots. NAPD is next weekend, so this is really good for progression.
and learning is good.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

scanning portfolio stuff... yeeerg

these aren't for my portfolio... just stuff i did this weekend, with the exception of the self portrait (that's from my UBC class...)
fiddled around with the first in photoshop a little bit. it is actually seeringly, disgustingly colored IRL. it's really gross actually. disaturation ftw.
meh. back to scanning.

Saturday, November 04, 2006