Friday, December 29, 2006

Long time no post :O

wow, almost a month! I'm so ashamed, lol. I've been really busy with the end of school, and on top of it, I was sick. I'm feeling mucho better now though. working on my portfolio for NAPD again (I went to the one in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, and it sort of sucked), this time in Seattle. I'm hoping to get my portfolio reviewed by Calarts, even though I already applied, it'll help me for Sheridan, I think (and in general)... I drew over 25 hands yesterday, and attempted to draw some cats... I'll upload more of that stuff later, after NPD is over.
this is just random stuff... character designing both a self portrait kind of character and more of the goblin... kind of got his face figured out, and most of his body.
lots of work to do XD

Monday, December 04, 2006

random people sketches

drew some random folks at school. it was pretty fun, though drawing people playing volleyball is tough, so I ended up with a bunch of ass shots. how embarassing D:
I need to do that more though, it's a good exercise, you can fail at drawing people if they aren't naked. :O