Wednesday, October 10, 2007


nothing is new, really. same old slow improvement (i hope).
pictures from the zoo, and sheridan animal lifedrawing day!
also a charicature of jake gylennhaal. doesn't look like him. maybe if ya squint.
(edit:wow forgot to upload the pictures- total fail)

Saturday, September 15, 2007


thumbs from school and a gouache test that turned out alright.
not much time for fun stuff because i have to get settled in here. but i got an earthbound sketchbook again... :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

where has the time gone?

long story short (long long crazy story) i got into sheridan.
i will be good and update this more often. i miss everyone ;_;
some stuff from pre-crazy period, including a tiger, Claudia from a book by DWJ, and a self portrait.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

junk from the last two weeks

a conglomeration of stuff done in the last two weeks, spewed out for your enjoyment.
some was done at work...
a lot of anatomy problems with these ones... eeehhhh and some ugly faces :P
i'm still confused, and nervous about school this fall. it doesn't help that i can't find a room/place to stay in north van, and though i'm so sure what i want to do, i'm not quite sure of the journey it'll take it to get there.
but i'm still working away. slowly, but steadily.

Friday, August 03, 2007

on lifedrawing-

I find it interesting how you can spend 3 hours doing lifedrawing, and nothing good will come of it until the last 1 hour pose, which will be horrendous... and in frustration you can grab a brushpen and make something that turns out okay in 5 minutes. ARG.
feeling a little bit slower this week.
also work is slow. it's kind of fun selling tickets to people I know/have met, but also sort of mortifying. I can't wait for fair to start- the atmosphere is so much fun.

(done on saturday morning lifedrawing, though i had the same model monday night as well!) brushpen, then some basic flats in photoshop, and a texture from

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lots of little junk...

not much too write, except that i have a funny feeling that younger snape looks a lot like goob (sp?) from meet the robinsons.
also i liked the 7th harry potter book a lot.
so next time there will be lots of fanart from many different books. hopefully!

Friday, July 20, 2007

bad posing ahoy!

doodles done at work! the first one i did while watching a couple of fights. i love working night shifts :) it's mostly quiet.

another old drawing i found in my room that was half finished... so i slapped on some colors.

my work is so... boring.
i want to have more life/motion/movement in my stuff. i'm working on some exercises from preston blair's book.
but first,
the end.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

snoopdog kids

first, it kind of hit me that this blog makes me sound emo and whiny. though i do whine a lot about art and stuff, in reality i'm a pretty happy person (i think)! so anyone who's reading this, hi! :) i hope you don't judge me based on blog posts alone

okay, so three things i hate:
giant XXL shirts on gangly teenages (this includes those giant baggy pants with the crotch 'round your knees- i mean, how do you NOT trip?)
snoop dog pictures and bling on said t-shirt.
people spitting on the street.

the last one maybe not so much. i was at work and this kid kind of stumbled through the gates (i work at playland) and he was trying to spit on the street... AND HE MISSED. he ended up spitting on his own shoes, no joke. i wanted to laugh so badly.
the second one was just me fooling around in painter. i can't get used to drawing on the computer! bleh.

so resolutions:
I will post more.
I will not whine.

Monday, July 09, 2007

epic fail!

so... it looks like this is a once a month blog.
seriously though, I finished all my exams and started work last week, so now my time is becoming more free!
I also have new sketchbooks for the summer because I finished my other ones (I normally carry a 5by7 and an 8by10 with me)
and a new computer for school. ouch, that was a pain to buy. I think it's the most expensive thing I own. it's my first computer. like, just mine.
I feel so special.
stuff- some random thing from last summer that I found in my room? on the floor?? the anatomy is WOAH off, but the rendering's okay. it's all marker.
-the next is the only halfway decent thing from my mini sketchbook before it was consigned to the skbook graveyard.
-tinkerbell drawing. every girl has to do one. + points for giant butt? it wasn't supposed to be THAT big, I swear. this is tria ink and watercolor.
okay, hopefully I will update this more and with better art. I'm having lots of anatomy problems. I will work on them.
I swear.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

crunch time!

so, i graduate on tuesday.
as such, i should be studying for exams. but i don't want to.
i just watched pan's labyrinth today, i loved it (i knew i would, so i bought it). so have some fanarts. and some bad sketches. almost done this skbook so i want to finish it!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

1 month later...

Theatre's over with, whee! We had a great run, I really loved it... I'm going to miss it next year, especially improv. There's an immediacy with its creation that I miss with animation...
Not much to update with, I've had a little bit of a block the past couple of weeks, and the show didn't help. My lifedrawings' are getting better, though??
Haven't heard anything from Sheridan.
It's my birthday today!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

more random junk

don't have any time to do much finished stuff. i finished off the "richard III" poster last week... the bg is a copout, but it's a poster so i can fudge it a little.
and some stuff i did today during runthrough of the play. more work on crotchety old man, and marker stuff (<3 the markers).
i really like shakespeare a lot, actually. he's got some really good chance for character designing. so many different characters, and you can interpret it in any way. for example (this is extreme, but cool), in "the tempest", there's a half-fish/half-man character called Caliban, who is ridiculously grumpy and sly. you could have fun with designing fairies in "midsummer's night dream", and some great villains in Richard III. ah, the possibilities are endless! :)
i'm trying to work more on character design/expression, because i have problems with that.

Friday, April 06, 2007

uh, happy new year.

i didn't forget about this blog... life happened, and i've been pretty unmotivated in sharing art... it seems like i'm not happy with anything i make! ah well.
i'm on the waitlist for sheridan... so dunno if that's going to happen this year. i might try again next year. i might just go to capilano. i think i'll be happy anywhere, as long as i work hard. i'm just disappointed in myself. enough whining. here's some random stuff from the past two weeks.
the first is a wip poster for our school's production of richard the third. awesome play. love the shakespeare<3

i've been going to lifedrawing about 2-3 times a week lately, but seem to have hit a rut.