Friday, April 20, 2007

more random junk

don't have any time to do much finished stuff. i finished off the "richard III" poster last week... the bg is a copout, but it's a poster so i can fudge it a little.
and some stuff i did today during runthrough of the play. more work on crotchety old man, and marker stuff (<3 the markers).
i really like shakespeare a lot, actually. he's got some really good chance for character designing. so many different characters, and you can interpret it in any way. for example (this is extreme, but cool), in "the tempest", there's a half-fish/half-man character called Caliban, who is ridiculously grumpy and sly. you could have fun with designing fairies in "midsummer's night dream", and some great villains in Richard III. ah, the possibilities are endless! :)
i'm trying to work more on character design/expression, because i have problems with that.

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