Monday, July 09, 2007

epic fail!

so... it looks like this is a once a month blog.
seriously though, I finished all my exams and started work last week, so now my time is becoming more free!
I also have new sketchbooks for the summer because I finished my other ones (I normally carry a 5by7 and an 8by10 with me)
and a new computer for school. ouch, that was a pain to buy. I think it's the most expensive thing I own. it's my first computer. like, just mine.
I feel so special.
stuff- some random thing from last summer that I found in my room? on the floor?? the anatomy is WOAH off, but the rendering's okay. it's all marker.
-the next is the only halfway decent thing from my mini sketchbook before it was consigned to the skbook graveyard.
-tinkerbell drawing. every girl has to do one. + points for giant butt? it wasn't supposed to be THAT big, I swear. this is tria ink and watercolor.
okay, hopefully I will update this more and with better art. I'm having lots of anatomy problems. I will work on them.
I swear.

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