Wednesday, July 11, 2007

snoopdog kids

first, it kind of hit me that this blog makes me sound emo and whiny. though i do whine a lot about art and stuff, in reality i'm a pretty happy person (i think)! so anyone who's reading this, hi! :) i hope you don't judge me based on blog posts alone

okay, so three things i hate:
giant XXL shirts on gangly teenages (this includes those giant baggy pants with the crotch 'round your knees- i mean, how do you NOT trip?)
snoop dog pictures and bling on said t-shirt.
people spitting on the street.

the last one maybe not so much. i was at work and this kid kind of stumbled through the gates (i work at playland) and he was trying to spit on the street... AND HE MISSED. he ended up spitting on his own shoes, no joke. i wanted to laugh so badly.
the second one was just me fooling around in painter. i can't get used to drawing on the computer! bleh.

so resolutions:
I will post more.
I will not whine.

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