Thursday, August 16, 2007

junk from the last two weeks

a conglomeration of stuff done in the last two weeks, spewed out for your enjoyment.
some was done at work...
a lot of anatomy problems with these ones... eeehhhh and some ugly faces :P
i'm still confused, and nervous about school this fall. it doesn't help that i can't find a room/place to stay in north van, and though i'm so sure what i want to do, i'm not quite sure of the journey it'll take it to get there.
but i'm still working away. slowly, but steadily.

Friday, August 03, 2007

on lifedrawing-

I find it interesting how you can spend 3 hours doing lifedrawing, and nothing good will come of it until the last 1 hour pose, which will be horrendous... and in frustration you can grab a brushpen and make something that turns out okay in 5 minutes. ARG.
feeling a little bit slower this week.
also work is slow. it's kind of fun selling tickets to people I know/have met, but also sort of mortifying. I can't wait for fair to start- the atmosphere is so much fun.

(done on saturday morning lifedrawing, though i had the same model monday night as well!) brushpen, then some basic flats in photoshop, and a texture from