Friday, October 24, 2008

i seem to have fallen off the wagon again.

just a bit of stuff- school takes up most of my time now, sadly.
the moustache man is for the sheridan animation tshirts. i hope they make it, i love moustaches.

edit: the images look weird, and I can't figure out why?


Chenny said...

I LOVE that house, so beautiful..also amazing t-shirt design! I'm totally voting for that with giant mustaches make the world go round

Anna Bron said...

yeah, the house is amazing, Ashlyn!!!
did you paint it in photoshop???

Ashlyn said...

chenny: thanks!! I think the thirts need more moustaches + pinups. I'm thinking next year, i'll do a bearded lady pinup.

anna: aww, thanks. it's the linework from the first painting fiddled in photoshop. :)