Friday, March 19, 2010


in the midst of painting this cycle, i thought this was kind of funny.


Anonymous said...

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3NINO said...

'Hats afar'?

Sounds like a curse or a 'by george' type exclamation.
Something like...

"Hats afar, that's some good pudding!"

or if you don't like pudding...

"Hats afar, that's a sturdy ladder!"

I must say, this Anonymous chap is quite the comedic genius.
Also, the beardy weirdy is most amusing.

Ashlyn said...

Ahaha, I hope that I am helping anonymous. Especially if there is hats afar!

It's my 3rd beard-waving cycle in the last week (which is kind of concerning) so I think I'm getting pretty good at it. If anyone needs a beard drawn, I'm your person!