Friday, May 21, 2010

boys beware

i've been watching dozens of educational films in prep for my fourth year film, but I'm still struggling to decipher the story i want to tell, and how. i remember, in improv, they would tell us to always always pick a basic story, and the humor of doing a strong style (such as film noir, or an educational film) would come from the contrast of a real situation with an unreal style of storytelling. the problem i'm having is finding that nugget of happy story in the midst of gags and vignettes, which though funny, don't really lead to a that little parcel of a fourth year film that we all aspire to. i think it helps to remember that this won't be the last film i make, as the pressure in fourth year is really insane to make that perfect film.

i'll try to make a more complete pitch and writeup in the next couple of weeks for feedback.

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Carla Veldman said...

ooh, I look forward to hearing/seeing more!