Friday, June 25, 2010

Nucleus- Power in Numbers

Hey everyone! Also, I have a piece up on the Nucleus website right now, in their Power in Numbers show. Check it out!
You can buy this piece for $100, with some proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund.

test animation (once again)

rough stuff, still working out more of a workflow before I head to more polished stuff. i also left the animatic in for comparison. link to youtube

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just a little comic

Work's been busier than usual, so posts may slow down a bit until mid July or so... I'm hoping not, but who knows?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

testing testing testing

Being that I quite recently decided to animate my 4th year film in flash rather than paper (for numerous reasons, because I love love love the feel of paper, but flash has too many pros to outweigh the cons for doing my film), I have a lot of experiments to do. I want to try to emulate the experience and the end result of working on paper, but still get the benefits of certain "flash tricks".
I'm not done with natural media though- I love it, and will be doing a couple of other projects next year on paper.
youtube link (it's a bit mooshed for some reason)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

To everything, there is a story

When you are doing an illustration or a sketch just for yourself, it feels like every line you put down has a story. Why are you drawing this? You aren't doing it for money, and you (hopefully) aren't doing it to get any fame. As a prospective commercial artist, I still try to eke out my own personal chunk of art time, because it's something I love and want to hang on to. I feel like each drawing I do for myself tells the story of myself in that moment of time. More on storytelling later- for now, a bunch of sketches, each with a story.
Totoro was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid (when I still wanted to be a big time actress in the "Movies"). I think it was the theme song.
I was listening to the Decemberists' ballad "The Bandit Queen" on the train. Markers are perfect for train ride.
The people around me make for good subjects too. I love the Gold Line particularly, because everyone seems to fall asleep.
Back to 4th year film stuff. And a good chance to muck around with liquid watercolors. Kids and bright colors seem to go together.
A friend of mine mentioned my self "poor"traits at work the other day, and I decided it was time to revisit the concept. In case you're wondering, this is exactly how I look.
Another Decemberists' ballad, this time a jolly mariner. 
I read an article on the Mars Rover freezing up on Mars- The irony of something freezing on what we always imagined to be a red hot landscape is so perfect. How do you capture the desolation, and the frigid, rocky landscape of a planet like Mars? I'd like to revisit that sometime soon.
My cousin was playing through Red Dead Redemption- a solid cowboy/GTA game with the ability to change outfits. Like, Omigosh!! (But seriously, ponchoooos.)
I saw a cloud that looked like this.
We work on a part of Hollywood with all the old film stars' names- Pickford especially, is right outside the cafe I sit in for my morning coffee. So sometimes, I sit and I draw silent film stars.

This is pure paintplay- blobs and bleeds and wash runs. 
And then, of course, there's the days where you just wanna draw babes. That happens too

Kudos to anyone who read all of that- it's weird how each drawing is something different. Something to think about next time you're casually flipping through someone's sketchbook. Next time you see something you like, ask them what they were thinking when they drew it.