Tuesday, June 08, 2010

testing testing testing

Being that I quite recently decided to animate my 4th year film in flash rather than paper (for numerous reasons, because I love love love the feel of paper, but flash has too many pros to outweigh the cons for doing my film), I have a lot of experiments to do. I want to try to emulate the experience and the end result of working on paper, but still get the benefits of certain "flash tricks".
I'm not done with natural media though- I love it, and will be doing a couple of other projects next year on paper.
youtube link (it's a bit mooshed for some reason)


Adam Temple said...

Great test! I hope you get the results you're looking for! It might help to have a cintiq. PS Core shut down and they're having an auction of all their equip ie cintiqs in a few days. You may be able to grab online if you're in LA.

Ashlyn said...

Thanks a bunch Adam!! I'm still trying a lot of different things, we'll see if anything sticks.
I'm definitely going to check that auction out, thanks!!