Sunday, October 31, 2010

24 Hour Film-a-thon

Another term, another 24 hour film. I definitely love doing these, and hope that I can run another film fest next semester too (though I guess I really should be working on my thesis...)

There's something about the spontaneity of 24 hour films that makes them so appealing. There's so little between the artist and the work- not much time to erase and perfect, so you kind of get this garbled message of my subconscious.

I used this as an excuse to get back into Flash for this year. (...i love flash...)


check it out- my storyboards/design/production plan. it fits on three pages! and how.


more later.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Films and Ottawa and Side Projects...

It's been some time! I switched the layout up a bit on my blog, finally got rid of the black (I started this blog when I was sixteen, so it's about time it got out of the punk rock phase of its life). Going to be working on graphic design/layout of the rest of my web stuff over the next couple of weeks!

Next- thesis film. I'll be making a big post next week with what's happening so far. It's been a blast, a lot of fun (though I do love storyboarding the most), so hopefully the rest of the year is just as smooth! Elevator pitch- It's an educational film about a boy trying to learn how to get the girl.

If anyone's heading to Ottawa for the festival, give me a shout if you want to meet up and go sketching! I'm not going to much of the festival this year, but I'll be traipsing around Ottawa looking for things from the 50s.

And finally, I've got a couple of side projects on the go, but the big one is the 24 Hour Film Festival. It'll be the third year I've run it, so if you're a student at Sheridan, and want to get involved in making something silly and spontaneous, talk to me sometime soon! I'll be putting posters up and the whole shebang.

also I hope winter skips Ontario this year.