Saturday, January 22, 2011

fire and hemlock

a really lovely book that i've returned to a lot (fire and hemlock, by classic british fantasy author diana wynne jones). 


TF said...

I am sure that the NYC escort agencies love Diana Wynne-Jones and 'everything connected' with her :-P

Seriously, though, she is a splendid author.
Howl's Moving castle - the book - I find is much better than the film version. Not dissing Miyazaki, but his film deviates a bit too much from the original story.

Ashlyn said...

Oh man, hahaha. I gotta fix the spam problem on this blog. But it makes me laugh.

Totally agree with you- I found that the film didn't explain any of the puzzle of the book. (Also why was Howl turning into a crow. I was pretty disappointed) DWJ is really good at the knotted plot that comes apart at the end, which I love. :) Cool to find someone else who likes her :D