Sunday, February 20, 2011

TRAIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN - or when I made a music video.

Sometime around December, I decided that I would get off my butt and make a music video. I had intended to for quite some time- a year or so maybe? So since December, each day when I got home from working on my thesis film, I would putter away on this side project for a half hour or so. I finished it up this week. While the last week or so was rough, it was an absolute blast to work on, and I learned so much.

I’ll try to put up a bit of making-of post up in the next couple of weeks. More info at the youtube link!


Tech specs too boring for youtube:
I drew all the boards traditionally on rice paper (for some reason. I think it was cheap paper?), and scanned ‘em all in. I painted them in PS, comped them all in premiere, and then did a final effects pass in after effects.
Random note: I thumbed this out, and drew all the boards without timing it to the music. I had an idea of where I wanted things to go, but as I was comping it the first time around, I was praying so much that it would fit okay. Somehow, it did.


Seema said...

that was an awesome music video with really adorable designs! I cant believe you managed this while doing your final film! great work :)

Ashlyn said...

Thanks Seema!! I'm not entirely sure how I managed to do it either, but it's definitely easier to work on things when you love the project. :)