Saturday, March 05, 2011

Another 24 Hour Film

I think this is the last one I’ll do as a student! What a journey it’s been making these- in my time at Sheridan, I’ve made five films (well, let’s say it’s a loose definition of “film”).
This one’s a little weird. I did figure out a lot of things in after effects, though!

Over here---→DEATH BUDGIE

Also- I just realized that between this and the music video (Here!) and my thesis, I’m a little burned out from film-making. Expect some more illustration-y type stuff in the next while, I need a change of pace.

And Lastly, and Leastly as well, I have a twitter page now! It’ll be mostly art related, so follow if you like! Twitter


TF said...

So dang funny/creepy!


Aminder Dhaliwal said...

you are too cool ashlyn.

Nicole Kozak said...

AHAHAHA i laughed so much at this!

but then i was creeped out that youtube recommends videos of actual dead birds afterwards :S :|