Sunday, April 03, 2011

yawn + a thesis film trailer

How to Get the Girl
I've got a teaser up for my thesis film. It's pretty much wrapped up, but I won't be able to post it fully online for a couple of weeks or so. So I made this teaser trailer. If you want to see more educational films, check out the Prelinger Archives!


Jen said...

love that sketch!

TF said...

Holy crap I need that film NOW.
I'm so loooonely and..

I mean...

Yay, new film :D

Fabian said...

Love yawn girl, looks cute!! And damn cool teaser trailer!! :D

Ashlyn said...

Jen- Thanks!! :)

TF- Ahaha, that's the consensus of everyone. Heck, even I think I need the film! It'll be up in a while though, so hopefully sometime between now and then I can make another film, who knows.

Fabian- Thank you so much!