Sunday, May 15, 2011

At the end. BAA.

I spent the last four years studying at Sheridan College. It's been an awesome four years, and culminated in a screening of our thesis films first at Industry Day, then for our friends and family.
I have a lot to write about my experience at Sheridan, and the people I met over four years... But for now, I leave you with the poster I made up (Designed originally by Agnes Salek)

And us on the steps.

And where I spent 8 months of my life.

Hip hip hooray! You can see some of my fellow grads work by browsing their blogs here at Sheridan Animation blog, run by our supreme overlord Mark Mayerson.


chang said...

wuaaahhhhh *puddle of tears and snot* this is not the enndddd
IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING (if the number of reunions that's already taken place is anything to go by)

TF said...

Oh I envy you guys...

SOOOO much :,(

Ashlyn said...

Chang- It's true. We'll be having a reunion a week if this is anything to go by.

TF- Haha, it does look fun. what's missing is the photo is all the bags under the eyes. :P