Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Hi Ashlyn! I see that you're a storyboard artist, and I was just wondering how you got to where you are. Do you have a college degree, and if so, what is it? Any advice for an aspiring animator/storyboarder?

I’ve been asked this a few times recently so I thought it was about time that I answered it! Sorry if I left anyone’s asks for a while, I sometimes feel anxious that what I have to say isn’t valuable for everyone, because everyone’s experience is so different. But anyway, here’s mine!

I went to Sheridan College, in Toronto, and got a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts (ha!) in Classical Animation (ha!!!). I left knowing that I probably didn’t want to fully animate, but also liking a lot of everything. I’ve always liked making whole objects- little films, and GIFs. Sheridan is great for that- they teach you a bit of everything (at least when I went) and you can sort of focus yourself if you want. It was also really cheap when I went!! (comparatively).

That being said, I would also just as strongly recommend somewhere like Capilano University in BC, which is a two year program, because it’s all about how hard you work. The prestige of the school will only get you so far, it’s all about work & surrounding yourself with really cool fun people!

Then, I worked at JibJab for a few years after school, took some time off to really pump up just my boarding skills (I took Rad Sechrist’s really awesome online class), and did a BUNCH of tests. Seriously, a bunch! I was just lucky that one finally stuck.

My advice is- be patient! Don’t expect everything to happen all at once. Just enjoy what you’re doing, and keep drawing, even if you’re working somewhere!

Be nice to everyone, because you’ll be happier, and also, those are the people that recommend you for work. Make friends! They’ll inspire you to work (because they will probably be amazing & better than you, all of my friends are amazing artists), and they’ll cheer you up when you get sad.

And there’s no secret way to get a job, other than just applying and having a good portfolio! It helps if you can come out to wherever you’d like to get a job and meet people, but Tumblr’s actually made that sort of moot too! Just make cool stuff, post it, and enjoy your life when you aren’t drawing.


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