Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I had a very vivid dream. It goes like this: My car was gone. I...

I had a very vivid dream.

It goes like this:
My car was gone. I thought, in that lazy dream way, that it must have been towed. I got the anxiety you get in dreams where you know you probably won’t find it, but you need to try.

I pulled out my phone, but as the screen lit up, it shut off suddenly. Around me, a cry rose up. We were in a big field, in a middle school in Burbank I visited once, people I knew vaguely, and a friend by my side.

She is smarter than me, she knows something is wrong, and starts pulling me inside one of the buildings.

More chaos- we look up, and there are things in the side. At first I think they are planes falling, but then I realize they are satellites. They’re close, we are all running now.

Then, all of a sudden, it’s raining, pouring down rain. The satellites have stopped falling. My friend takes me by the hand. The only thing to do, we think fuzzily, is to walk home. I grab a bucket, and hold it over my head.

The dream ends there.

I like to think, though, that maybe it kept raining, for ten days, and ten nights. And when it was done, we started to send our satellites back out to space. We’ll turn our phones back on. But we’ll all remember that first morning, when the rain cleared, and our heads, for once, were clear too. Everything in technicolor.

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